About Harold

Harold Golubtchik, Ed.D, is a career educator who has worked as a teacher, director of staff development and principal of both special and general education schools. He is now a professor at Brooklyn College, in the Department Educational Leadership. His extensive training and experience with Dr. William Glasser’s Choice Theory were instrumental in his ability to support schools in their transformation efforts. He helped schools create a culture of caring, success, options and high expectation without coercion to assist behaviorally challenged students to succeed dramatically.

Last Chance High School: A Principal’s Crusade to Rescue Throwaway Teens

 by Harold Golubtchik, Ed.D

Welcome to The Last Chance High School website.

The purpose of this website is to serve as a resource for teachers, principals, and parents who are in contact with at-risk teenagers. Regretfully, most schools have not found effective ways to educate them. The traditional approach of rewarding and punishing has been utilized extensively and has failed miserably. Yet Last Chance High School adapted a philosophy of non-coercion that resulted in significant improvements.

My blog entries will focus on the successful strategies that we discovered during our transformation. I invite you to share your own stories to help create additional options for academic and behavioral growth. Please check the blog regularly by clicking on the Dr. G’s Blog tab. Your comments and replies will help build a library of resources to improve practice. These resources will appear under the Success Stories tab. 

Why I wrote Last Chance High School: A Principal’s Crusade to Rescue Throwaway Teens

Behaviorally challenged teens need and deserve an advocate to tell their stories so that our schools can create more effective ways to educate them. These students have been getting a raw deal. When schools’ tolerance levels for misbehavior cross arbitrary lines, they resort to punishments. When those punishments fail, schools often slap special education labels on these students and discard them. That doesn’t seem fair and is simply wrong.

Last Chance High School: A Principal’s Crusade to Rescue Throwaway Teens is a book of stories, some funny and some heart wrenching, that describe the complex and emotional journey of its principal, teachers and students as they undergo a profound, successful transformation. The book illustrates a cogent, new philosophy as to why kids misbehave, and explains how it was translated into day-to-day practice.

The first chapter of the book can be accessed through this website.